Breathe invests in your Moonshot visions. Breathe would support founders in getting from an idea to a thriving and a sustainable business

Investment Considerations

Breathe Capital invests in early stage tech-centric companies based in India and SE Asia, right up from Formation Round to Series A


Geography.India and SE Asia only


Sector / Market.Agnostic with clearly verifiable TAM of $5 billion or more


Founder Experience.Domain expertise driving a unique understanding of market asymmetry, high integrity and agency


Partner Quality.Quality shareholders/co-investors with demonstratable expertise in the sector or established tangible partnerships with corporates


Early Traction.Early indicators signalling adoption or substitution e.g., usage, engagement, retention, customer feedback


Scalable Unit Economics.High margin products with demonstrable potential to increase customer lifetime values and decrease customer acquisition costs


Velocity to Competitive Barriers.Clear strategy to corner market at speed with network effects, increasing high barriers to entry, technological and operational moats


Identifiable Exit Path.Path to IPO, M&A or Secondary Sale within 4-7 years of investment

Why Choose Breathe Capital as Your Investment Partner?

Capital Raising and M&A Advisory

plan, fund and exit

Financial Reporting & Portfolio Tracking

structure, report and monitor

Research, Insights & Media

stay updated and plugged in

Community & Network

leverage the power of an engaged community

Ancillary Services

everything else you need from our preferred partner network



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Co Founder & Partner
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Co Founder & Partner
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